Proxmox In My Homelab

I recently decided to re-work our home services. Our server was running Ubuntu 20.04 which had been upgraded in place from 14.04. It was time to do a fresh install for a multitude of reasons. I was initially planing on using Arch since I have had so much success on the desktop and it's a rolling distro. This was a mistake, issues with kernel updates and ZFS were a problem right away.

I went back to playing with Proxmox and now that I have my head around it a little better I have really been enjoying it. I now need to start figuring out how I will merge the Arch file server (as it's acting now) and the Proxmox VM's/CT's that are in "production" in our home now.

The "easy" mode for this is to setup a Proxmox cluster. I am curious about this but also a little hesitant since I am so new to Proxmox. I don't want to make any mistakes I will regret. I think I could export my ZFS pools on the Arch box and import them on the Proxmox box pretty easily. The downside of this is that it's on my more powerfull box. I think the weaker box will run all our services just fine so I would prefer to use it.

I think I will just need to export the zpools on the arch box and install Proxmox on it and create a cluster and then migrate the machines to it.


I think a cluster is overkill. I am just going to create disks/filesystems for services, none of them are that large anyway, easy to backup that way, I feel much more comfortable with the abstraction of storage then I did before.