Let There Be Light

Wiring up some automotive lights I had laying around. Testing them for video lighting.

Ready to Tinker

Finally got the workroom all setup and ready for some tinkering!


So far Pelican has gone really well. I remember trying it a couple years ago and I struggled a little bit. Not sure if the documentation has changed or maybe I understand whats going on a little better. Either way I am pretty hopefull it will be...

First Post

Pelican to the Rescue This is the first post for the companion site to the new YouTube channel. I am moving to Pelican which is static site generator. The bigest reason for this is to make sure I don't have to do maintenance on another WordPress...

Tripod Unboxing

My first video posted to YouTube I am unboxing a couple of tri-pods that I got to start making videos on YouTube, very meta.

Docker 2

OK, so I figured out what my problem was the first time around. The official  WordPress image is really only designed for fresh installs. Each time that image is run it loads a script that tries to setup your wp-config.php file, so if your file...


Well, I had to get something setup for development. I've played with a few types of visualization, and to me Docker seemed the obvious choice for "web app's" like WordPress. It was a little weird for me to get my head around the idea of...